Aromas with a deeper meaning

Yogamood is a Copenhagen yoga studio focusing on the physical and meditative aspects of yoga. AUM body oils are an important part of this philosophy, as they are pure aroma therapy oils that sharpen the senses during yoga and meditation. Their natural cedar wood, citrus, patchouli, lavender and eucalyptus aroma content stimulates the body’s senses in different ways, helping to intensify the yoga and meditation experience.


Activate stimulates the skin and has an uplifting and invigorating effect that promotes movement and activity. Unify soothes the skin, balancing body and soul. Meditate rejuvenates the skin and has a soothing effect, making it ideal for meditative contemplation. Together these three oils form an entity, which supports the three core yoga concepts of activity, balance and contemplation. A, U and M form the acronym AUM – or OM – one of key importance in Eastern philosophy and central to yoga. Many will be familiar with the sound/acronym in connection with meditation. Written in the most common Indian script, Devangari, AUM forms a symbol that is instantly recognised worldwide as the yoga logo. The body oils, which can be purchased and used separately, have a wide variety of applications.

Bespoke packaging

The bottles are made of hand-blown glass. Both the lid and lip are highly polished so that the bottles can be opened and closed easily. The polished glass lid also ensures that the oils keep. Once a familiar sight on chemist’s shelves, the classic shape is still associated with herbal medicine and the natural healing powers of herbs on the body.

Yoga with a Scandinavian twist

The three oils can be supplied together in a specially designed, handmade rack in oiled walnut. The set consisting of a rack with bottles is a decorative addition to any bathroom and is intended to be a permanent feature of Scandinavian interior design and lifestyle.




Corporate identity

Brand communication


Creative Circle Award nomination 2010 – packaging design

LovelyPackage – featured

Hightone: Excellent Packaging Book – featured

BR New Plane magazine – featured