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Today, Ørsted (B2C) is the largest energy retailer and producer of green energy in Denmark. Ørsted has since 2017 been undertaking a great business transformation, from black energy to green; a journey that has implied a name change, a radical new brand positioning, and a new costumer promise to the Danish costumers.

In order for the promise to be an internal guiding principle, as well as an external invitation and guarantee, it needed to support the overall brand strategy and vision, but above all, it should be concrete, insightful and inspirational.

Through analysis we know that we operate in a low involvement category mainly driven by price. Most Danes perceive the sector as both uninteresting and unengaging. But what we also found was that Danes see green energy is a prerequisite for the future, and they themselves want to contribute to the green transformation. Only thing standing in the way of this is, ‘what does it mean to be green?’, and what are the consequences of such a lifestyle?’ Analysis showed that ‘to be green’, was an abstract notion and a complicated concept to many. Did it imply changing one’s diet, stop buying new clothes, using less electricity etc? And did it make any difference at all, if you didn’t do it all at once?

In order to understand how Ørsted could demonstrate its green agenda, we conducted a series of in-depth interviews and workshops with key employees. The objective was to identify what could be a differentiating costumer promise, and what the supporting actions and proofs of this would be. We defined it as: Det skal være let at være grøn/ we make acting green easy.

Strategic objectives

Define an insightful and inspirational costumer promise


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