Everyday convenience – as easy

as it gets

Netto wants to meet the increased need for convenience products, but at the same time change the stigmatized image of convenience products. By offering a new private label range, that’s simple and Scandinavian, convenience becomes more accessible and attractive to a broader audience of shoppers in Netto. The concept should be applied across markets in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland with a name that resonates with the concept locally.

Convenience is a natural and important component in our everyday lives. Everybody need some level of convenience, and that’s why we want to expand the appeal of the brand. Næmt wants to break with the stigmatized image of convenience products and its shoppers, by offering a new convenience range. The idea is for consumers to experience the Scandinavian touch and stamp of quality, uplifting the assortment of products from ‘an embarrassing product in the basket’ to being ‘the most natural thing in the basket!’

The brand name Næmt, is a playful and constructed way of describing what the concept stands for. Næmt translate into ‘easy and uncomplicated’ in Danish, and it demonstrates the close link to the format and the well-known attitude, that consumers love and cherish Netto for. Having replaced the original ‘e’ with an ‘æ’, underlines the Danish roots and heritage. It makes the brand name approachable, ownable and very distinct. Næmt will contribute in building the Netto brand, and it will define and set a new standard for how to communicate convenience in a modern Scandinavian way.

Strategic objectives

Develop a name and concept that’s unique, relevant and ownable across markets
Match and support Netto DNA 
Increase shopper loyalty and costumers satisfaction
Attract new convenience shoppers



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