Flowers for men

Interflora is known for supplying hostesses, wives and girlfriends with flowers and a range of gift ideas. For men, however, the product range has had less to offer. Until now. Interflora has introduced its very own beer brand developed in conjunction with a skilled brewery using a concept designed by 3X/Simply.

The Tree of Life

The beer brand – Ask – is named after the ash tree Yggdrasil, which plays a key role in Nordic mythology. Here, Yggdrasil is referred to as “The Tree of Life”. Using the tree and its roots as the symbol, the Ask beer is a unique and relevant supplement to Interflora’s botanic universe; the only difference being that the appearance is far bolder and more masculine. While the name and logo pay tribute to Earth’s natural resources and flavours, they go that bit further. We wanted all the product names – in addition to being masculine – to be rooted in Nordic fauna and have a clear link to the overall story. The four beers in the series were conceived following innumerable brewing and tasting sessions.

Each to its own -unique taste and character

Each has its own unique taste and character originating from four different Nordic medicinal plants that are employed in the brewing process. The four ancient plants – verbena, saltwort, wormwood and savoury – have traditionally been used in medical science and cooking, but we discovered that none of the plants played a part in modern beer production and the beer series therefore represents an entirely novel taste and story. ASK beers therefore also proudly continue the tradition of the global phenomenon known as ‘Nordic Cuisine’.

Expanding the brand ASK

In addition to helping to develop the four beers, Danish sommelier, Alexander Bentsen, has described the taste in his own words and given his recommendations as to how best to combine ASK with different dishes to provide the ultimate culinary experience.

The bottles themselves are made from dark recycled glass. A large ash with an integrated ASK logo acts as the key, extremely eye-catching design element. In addition to the distinctive ash, the design features special neck labels that act as a colour coding and numbering system. The bottle tops are black with an imprint of the ASH tree canopy as seen from above. On the back of the bottles there are labels of the four medicinal herbs together with descriptions of the beers’ flavours.

To maximise gift potential, 3X/Simply has designed wooden gift boxes, leather aprons, seed packets and posters for the ASK beers.




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